Sunday, May 13, 2012

Faint line on ovulation test - what does it mean?

Many women are confused with how to use ovulation tests. They often think that a faint line is a positive result. If taking a pregnancy test, even a faint line means you are pregnant. However, taking ovulation test is different.

To start with, let me give you a brief description on how ovulation test functions. Ovulation test functions by detecting the reproductive luteinizing hormone (LH). Just before ovulation, a brief, marked increase in the amount of luteinizing hormone occurs. Ovulation test kits detect this sudden LH surge, allowing you to predict, with great accuracy, when you will ovulate. If you need to learn more about ovulation, read here.

Why is there a faint test line on the ovulation test?

The LH hormone is present in your body during the whole cycle. That is why you may have a very faint test line to start, but it should get darker as you get nearer to your ovulation day. The luteinising hormone (LH) gives the ripening egg the final push it needs to fully ripen and be released from the follicle. When your test line gets as dark or darker than the control line, then it means your ovulation will occure in 24-36 hours.

If you have irregular cycles, you may experience a faint test line for a long time before the ovulation actually occurs. I recommend tracking your fertile days to know, when your ovulation usually is and start using the OPK 3 days before expected ovulation. If you are not sure on how to determine your fertile days, there are many sources on the internet.

In order to be pregnant fast, you should also start to excercise, eat healthy, stop smoking, try to relax. There are many things that can affect your fertility and it is good to learn about things that affect fertility. If you are using ovulation test, it should be easy for you to determine your ovulation and become pregnant very quickly. You have to follow instructions of the ovulation test and have sex in 24-36 hours after your positive result.

Remember - faint test line on the ovulation test is not a positive result. You need a dark test line or a line darker than the control line.


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